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The HoneyWord Way is a fun and easy approach for people of all ages to learn, remember, and apply the Big Ideas of the Bible. "Click-ers" tie the meaning of timeless truths to everyday items like soap, shoes, and traffic lights. Solidly based on years of scientific research, HoneyWord is the only method that intentionally engages both sides of the brain—so God’s Word “clicks” in your mind and “sticks” to your heart—for a lifetime.

His soap gives me hope

Whenever you see, use, or think about soap, let this lesson wash your heart clean as it clicks and sticks: His soap gives me hope, 1 John chapter 1.

I use my shoes to share the Good News

Whenever you see, wear, or think about any kind of shoes, let this lesson take a walk through your mind as it clicks and sticks: I use my shoes to share the Good News, Romans chapter 10.

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